Film E films& Art Collective


"Sharpen the senses. Decode every stereotype. Perceive the unexpected.
Fill me, Feel me, Film E."

Film E films&art is an international Art Cooperative founded in 2009, formed and directed by Eva λ (Project Management, Berlin) in collaboration with Elliot Hanley (Casting Department, Amsterdam).

It features a range of international and Berlin based artists by offering them the opportunity to perform, share and present their work to a wider community. With over 185 free past exhibitions of international impact in Greece, Germany, Holland, France and England, Film E aims not only to bring all cultural disciplines together, but empower people to pursue their ideas, and provide a sustainable platform to develop unique projects and workshops within a creative environment. It relies on contributions from individuals, corporations and art foundations.

The coop works on Video & Audio Production, to display a variety of content including Promo Videos, Video Art, Music for Films, Press Kits and multimedia content for the web.

Nonetheless, Film E supports and offers creative diverse workshops to individuals in Berlin, Paris and London.

Do you want to participate? Do you have footage available or you would like to contribute in another way? Do not hesitate to contact us.

We synthesize sounds. We synthesize movement. We synthesize emotions.