Film E films& Art Collective

§1. Standard

1.1    We offer a variety of services, workshops and projects. By submiting in any of those, you agree to our Terms& Conditions.

* As well included: contracts and separate forms that apply to the same services/ workshops/ projects that can be found on our website.

1.2    You may use our services only if you can form a binding agreement with us, and only as permitted by law.

1.3    You should receive emails only and, if you have provided us your email address.

1.4     All of our events/ festivals are non-profit, and hosted free of charge. Therefore, in some cases we reserve the right to ask for a minimum of 2€ donation, in order to cover basic expenses.

§2. Project Participation

2.1    Every participant is responsible for his/her own application and agrees to share his/her personal data, such as name/surname, age, personal website and contact details. All details you provide to us are collected, stored, and processed in accordance with our privacy policy. 

2.2    We reserve the right to select participants, in our own judgment, after reviewing their background, Bio, interests, work and personal achievements.

2.2    Every participant can cancel his/her participation in our projects anytime, after informing us per email at least 14 days before.

§3. Online Applications

3.1    We make sure it is everything clear when you apply on our website. For example, we have boxes you need to tick and other form-templates that provide clear choises.

3.2    Every participant that applies to our projects / workshops is responsible for his/her own decision by submitting his/her online application.

3.3    We reserve the right to prohibit participation when all spots appear to be taken etc.

§4. Workshops + Discount rates

4.1    Workshops include specific fees, that must be provided by the participant at least 5 days before the first session in order to book his/her spot. Any other arragement is not reccommended.

4.2   We often offer a discounted % fee rate that is always applied on final prices shown on screen.

3.5    Be aware of your availability before you apply for a workshop that includes a discount rate. Our spots are limited and therefore, we very often need to reject many applicants in order to reserve you a spot.

§5. Volunteering

5.1   Everyone who wishes to volunteer in our projects /  events / festivals, can send us an application through our website, no matter if he/she has previous experience or not.

§6. Sponsor + Support

6.1   Sponsors have the right to be reviewed in our website and printed-material, as long as a binding sponsorship can formed with us.

6.2   Individual supporters have the right to decide if they would like or not to be included in our printed-material.

§7. Privacy Policy

7.1   We use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected and we make sure we delete it securely.

7.2   Our site is accessible via the internet. This means that people around the world who access our website can see anything you post on the website or on our media channels, for example, comments about a photo/video.

§8. Refund Policy

8.1  Any workshop can be 100% refunded, when cancelled by the same participant 5 days before the beginning.

  8.2   Any workshop can be 50% refunded, for no-discount offers, when cancelled by the same participant by the second session.

8.3   Any workshop can be 50% refunded for offers that include a discounted fee rate of 20% (144€).

Non-Refund restriction

8.4   We reserve the right to refuse a 100% refund for offers including a discounted fee rate of 40% (96€). Therefore, if the participant wishes to stop a workshop for X reason, we offer him/her the chance to continue the remaining sessions in a future period.

§9. Cookies

9.1    We use cookis for statistical purposes to track how many applicants we have and how often they visit our website. We simply collect information listing which of our pages are most frequently visited, and by which types of users and from which countries.

§10. Ownership

10.1    All Content is owned by Film E or by others who have licensed their content to us, and is protected by national and international copyright laws, trademark laws, and/or other proprietary rights and laws.

10.2    The trademarks, service marks, logos, and product names displayed on or in connection with our services are the registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks of Film E in Germany and/or other countries.


10.3   Our sites contain links to other websites from which we may earn revenue. Our articles are never influenced by advertisers or affiliates, nor are they written for the purpose of promoting a product, except when clearly branded as a ‘sponsored by’, ‘brought to you by’ or ‘supported by’.