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'' Deutsch is not just about having a wide vocabulary.

It is about speaking clear, confident and on-point. ''


Add German to your daily life in Berlin.

Learn how to pronounce words less difficult.

Stop switching into English.

Choose 1 to 2 sessions per week.







Ideal for foreign students, refugees, artists,

and people who want to live and work in Berlin.

Offer includes:

- Privat training

- 2 hours/ Week

- Flexible sessions

- Pronunciation Guide

- Reading, Speaking & Writting

- Effective Communication

- Outdoor activities

- Try the first month, continue only if you're satisfied.


Find your level, fill in the booking form

and get your discount on-time.

 A1 - A2  Training  (Discount - 40%  96 Euro/month)

B1 - B2 Advanced Training (Discount - 20%  144 Euro/month)

* Discount offers are available until 31.07.2018 *


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