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Tickets/admission : Free from Exostis Bookshop and online at

The first 3D Street Art Festival

for children in South Evia of Greece!


"I dream of a country where I can draw all my dreams -in the third dimention- on the ground. Using nothing but chalk, without need of anything else. Far away from violence, racism, political games and vandalism. Simply lost in my own imagination.

On Friday 21st. of July 2017 at 7pm. young people at the age of 6-18 years old are invited to participate in our 3Dimentional street art painting project, as a part of Weak-end Festival, which will take place free of charge at the outdoor basketball court of Mantoudi in South Evia. The painting session will be filmed in order to encourage young people living in the coutryside to explore  new forms of art.

Weak.end Festival started in August 2015, formed and directed by Eva Lamprou (Ar Director, Media Producer of the non-profit Art Collective Film E films & art) in collaboration with  Exostis Bookshop and other local independent businesses.
Book exhibitions, photography, ceramics, local traditional products, as well as creative collage workshops, water sports, music events, drawing and comic competitions have been held for the last two years -free of charge- in Mantoudi of Evia island.

This year, we encourage young people based in the coutryside to create their own pieces of Art in three-dimentions (3D Street Art)

A few words about Street Art:

Street Art began in the mid-19th century as a form of gang expression and reaction. Nowadays, the new wave of Street Art is far away from this idea. It is a new form of art that does not aim of vandalizing public property, but is perhaps one of the most direct ways of expression in society. Institutions, organizations and museums have hosted famous artworks made by street artists all over the world.

The international recognition of street art worldwide has not only helped the increase of popularity of the new Street Art but has encouraged and inspired a new wave of artists of all ages to transform the gray street color  into something alive.

So if you are curious enough to learn more and want to participate in this three-dimensional project, sign up and get your free ticket either from Exostis Bookshop in Mantoudi, or electronically at

A few words about the organizers:

Film E films & art works in Athens, Berlin, Paris and other European cities. It was created in 2010 by Eva Lamprou to develop an alternative perspective of expression, collaboration, art experimentation and innovation. It is a non-profit artistic collective that unites creators with different disciplines to create and share their work.

Eva Lamprou studied Music for films, Media Production & Management in Berlin. She is the creator of Film E films & art, and has worked as an Art director for Collage Art Street and Platoon. She has organized and presented the well-known "Urbanscapes" festival in Athens, Paris and Berlin, Art beyond Benefits festival, and is the owner of the 60Cobalt studio in Berlin. She deals with photography, video, music and new forms of art and communication.

Exostis Bookstore is one of the most alternative Bookstores in Evia. From 1993 until nowdays, it continues to remain faithful to its  ideas about knowledge, expression and creativity.

A few words about the area:

Mantoudi of Evia island: Mantoudi
is located at the 58th km of the national road Chalkida - Edipsos - Istiea. It is just 1 hour from Chalkida, 1 hour from Edipsos, 22 minutes from Lake Evia, 20 minutes from Agia Anna, 20 minutes from Pelion and 13 minutes from Prokopi.

Following the most beautiful part of the route Halkida-Edipsou, after Prokopi (Saint Ioannis Rosos) follows a parallel route with the Kirea River, crossing one of the most beautiful forest-area of Greece. Mantoudi, built in the heart of north-central Evia, is less than 3 km from the beautiful sandy Aegean coast of Kimasi, the old Dafnopotamo and Ammitsa coast.




Weak.end Festival thanks to All about festivals, Mantoudinews, Evia Portal, Mixgrill, and flippin Radio for the friendly support.