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'' Deutsch is not just about having a wide vocabulary.

It is about speaking clear, confident and on-point. ''


Add Deutsch to your daily life in Berlin with your personal Tutor.







Learn how to pronounce words less difficult.

Stop switching into English.

Choose 2 Skype sessions per week.

Connect wherever you are.

Save important time from your schedule.

Ideal for foreign students, refugees, artists,

and people with speaking difficulties coming from Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

Offer includes:

- Privat training

- 2 hours/ Week

- Flexible sessions

- Pronunciation Guide

- Effective Communication

>> go to the bank/post/supermarket

>>  other suggested by you.

- Try the first month, continue only if you're satisfied.


Find your level, fill in the booking form

and get your discount on-time.

 A1 - B1 Training  (Discount - 40%  96 Euro/month)

B2 Advanced Training (Discount - 20%  104 Euro/month)

* Discount offers are available until 30.4.2018 *


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