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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


Every person is unique.

Every student has different needs, different paths

and different types of intelligence.

So, why to teach them all the same?


Learn faster with your One-to-One personal Trainer.


Learn how to pronounce words less difficult.
Take your spoken Deutsch to its highest level.

Ideal for foreign students, refugees, artists,

and people with speaking difficulties coming from Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.

Offer includes:

- 1x1 personal training

- 2 hours/ Week

- Flexible sessions

- Creative exercises

- Personal Pronunciation Guide

- Effective Communication

- Learning tones / Phonetics

- German accent casual speech training

- Try the first month, continue only if you're satisfied.


Low Budget?

Here's a little push..

Find your level, fill in the booking form

and get your discount on-time.

 A1-A2 Training  (Discount - 40%  96 Euro/month)

B1 / B2 Advanced Training (Discount - 20%  144 Euro/month)

December-January Special offers

B1 Advanced Training (Discount - 35%  104 Euro/month)

* Discount offers are available until 30.2.2018 *


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After submitting your application, your trainer will contact you to arrange a meeting and talk-in-person about your course.